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CMS Based Designing
CMS Based DesigningCMS based websites helps to provide the owner with complete control on the website content. The design is a method to maintain the website and directly add, update and delete pages with text, images and multimedia contents whenever you feel the need. All you need to login into the admin site and get your job done.

CMS Based Designing
With the help of the packages at w3infotek, you can configure our CMS website to achieve the specific aims. Not only the website offers latest features, but we are also able to enhance your CMS website to use the following –

  • Real Estate
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Listings / Paid Directory
  • Event Booking Site
  • Discussion Forum
  • Subscriptions
  • Newsletter
  • Community Management
  • Document Manager
  • Photo Gallery
  • RSS Feeds
CMS Based Design Advantages:
We have number of years experience in web design and industry with individuals, enterprise and solutions, SME's has given extensive knowledge and to work on budgets to complement the requisites of different customers. At W3infotek, we serve all of our customers to thrive the resourceful products that meet with your business goals.

Cut Out On Expenses: Those days have gone away, when the web designers charged a lot of precious upgrade to update the content on your website. The CMS reduces the cost and makes sure that you did the exact payment for designs.

Escalate with Efficiency: Our services eliminate the need of programming expert to update the content on your website. You can modify the content as per your needs.

Multi-user Facility: Now you can assign different areas of your CMS to enable categorized content management. Sharing and updating the content can be the biggest marketing advantage.

Increased Number of Opportunities: Have special offers or something new on want to tell your clients about what you can put this on your website instantly with the use of CMS.
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