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Customized Web Applications
Customized Web Applications Our company, w3infotek offers you with professional and enterprise level customised web applications which will meet your everyday daily needs. Our team comprises of engineers who has with time gained the experience and skill of designing and developing different web applications many of which are extremely critical and totally business oriented for our clients and customers who comes from a wide range of industries. The customised web applications that we have created for our clients and customers have substantially increased their revenue and reduced their costs effectively for improving their service. Our team can also help you and assist you in selecting the projects which would allow you to get better ROI for the organization. Some of the different types of customized web applications which we develop for our clients are
  • Mobile apps
  • E-commerce
  • Portals
  • Utility billing
  • Requisitions
  • Billings
There are many others which we develop according to the need and usage of our clients and customers. Our customized web applications work greatly with a variety of browsers. The users can have a great experience working with these applications no matter what device they are using as the customized web applications generated by us are device agnostic. Unique and innovative options are proposed by us for our clients.
The few main arenas of custom web application :
Primarily, it is about the planning, creation and the maintenance of software which is web-based. The most popular application created by us is the custom data applications which include the processes of automation in business, the system that manages customer relations, software of custom ecommerce which is a specific kind of software. Mostly, we work with the ERP and the book keeping systems. Mostly the custom web applications integrate with the other softwares for avoiding the double entry and making the process efficient. Our systems can be used effectively in almost every environment. The in-house engineers of our company have built different modules which have not only reduced the hours of programming but have also improved the quality of the product effectively. To many of our clients, the customized web applications which we have offered them have become their only viable method to solve a major business problem. These web applications have the capability of interacting with the older systems and can hence extend their life by a few more years. Most of our custom web applications are responsive in nature.
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