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Shared Hosting
‘It’s time to move your website and application assets to shared hosting services.’ Shared Hosting Well, share your power and bandwidth with the secure, fast and reliable hosting services. As we all know that your website needs to load fast and must stay accessible and we work hard to provide a place where the website can flourish. Shared hosting provides you with the opportunity to share data, information and records with number of servers of your choices. W3infotek shares the quality of creating extraordinary shared hosting facilities with our clients.

Shared Hosting @w3infotek
Our shared hosting plan is the quickest and most affordable way to get your website on line. It is no doubt powerful, rich in features, and has almost limitless capacity making it the perfect entry-level website, blog, portfolio to make them go online today! We have been serving our clients globally who might be entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and content creators. Host your website with w3infotek and see what our devoted and experienced team can do for you.
Advantages of Shared hosting @w3infotek:
Let us share some of the basic advantage that we provide at out w3infotek that can make you stay ahead with time in the online world with full capabilities -
  • Shared hosting services costs less than a domain name registration name for the first year, as our approach is different from our competitors
  • We do not fail to meet 100% uptime SLA
  • cPanel comes with all shared hosting packages, giving full control of the website through your web browser
  • We have made our servers secured to the highest possible standards with the use of hardware and software firewalls besides in-house security packages
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